Quality Corner: Summer 2016

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Families First Initiative:

As everyone is aware (unless you are completely new to the Children’s Hospital) Be Safe is the health system’s focus on safety allowing us to:

  • Deliver the best and safest care possible
  • Adhere to best practices and make them our “standard work”
  • Address the root cause of problems

The Children’s Hospital has been a leader within the inpatient services with adoption of these goals and priorities. This had led to dramatic improvements in unplanned extubations, catheter associated blood stream infections and breast milk administration safety. Due to these accomplishments and adoption of Be Safe principles, the Children’s Hospital has been asked to be a Model Cell within the institution. A “Model Cell” is a unit or location where Be Safe is used on a daily basis and where others from within or outside the institution could visit to learn how to use Be Safe and Lean methodologies to improve the lives of our patients and team members.

Last month, several of the nursing and medical leaders from both inpatient and ambulatory met and discussed what this would mean to the Children’s Hospital, and Women’s & Children’s Service line, and how we might be able to accomplish this task. Naming this the “Families First Initiative”, the group developed an initial goal to

Develop an organizational structure and culture to begin problem solving to provide patient and family focused safe and efficient care.

Additionally, instead of simply focusing on inpatient units, Families First Initiative will be integrated across the clinical spectrum, from ambulatory clinics to the intensive care units. Although Be Safe has not been “rolled out” in ambulatory clinics, we know that we have the team members who are engaged and willing to use these methodologies to deliver world class care and outcomes.

Over the next several months, you will be hearing more about Families First and what it means and how you can participate. Please, do not hesitate to ask questions!


US News and World Report Rankings Announced:

For the third year in a row, the UVA Children’s Hospital has been ranked in the annual Best Children’s Hospital survey rankings. These include:

  • Urology (#35)
  • Cardiology & Heart Surgery (#37)
  • Neonatology (#38)
  • Nephrology (#49)

This is the third year for both Urology and Neonatology and the first time that Cardiology & Heart Surgery and Nephrology have been ranked. UVA is the only Children’s Hospital in Virginia to have more than one program ranked this year. Congratulations to the teams involved as well as the entire Children’s Hospital. These rankings demonstrate the hard work and commitment to providing the highest level of care possible.

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