Patient Praise 3-30-15

March 30, 2015 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Enjoy these comments the Health System has received from patients and families!

  • Dr. Kane did my son’s surgery. He and his associates were great! All nurses and ped’s staff were great and friendly.
  • Dr. Kellams was very helpful with our lactation consultation and we were glad we went to see her.
  • I love Dr. Fountain. He has helped me SO much.
  • Crystal Craig is wonderful!
  • Dr. Boggs was extremely helpful during a very difficult time. Thank you!
  • Dr. Glass was very gentle and encouraging to our son and to us. We really appreciate him.
  • NICU staff was AMAZING – very friendly and knowledgeable. They helped us feel calmer and included us every step of the way in decisions. Thank you to all of them but special recognition to Carol and Anna.
  • Dr. Emily Feiner is an awesome doctor. I cannot say enough about her. We feel extremely blessed that we found her as our doctor. Do not ever let her go… my daughter who she sees wants to be an orthopedic doctor. She is a marvelous doctor!
  • We have never been to UVA ER before but with an 18 month old I would not go to MJH due to lack of specialists for peds. We could not have asked for a better experience. Everyone was lovely and they immediately recognized that my daughter was in pain and acted with great speed to get her care from check in on wards.
  • We had an exceptional experience. Dr. Sturz came up to us immediately and said he knew what was wrong with my little girl and would fix it immediately, and he did. He was terrific. He was so confident and he stopped my little girl’s pain.

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