Mentoring Service for Scholarship

November 3, 2014 by School of Medicine Webmaster

From Alan D. Rogol:

The Department of Pediatrics announces the formation of a mentoring resource for the faculty with respect to enhancing scholarship. Dr. Nataro has charged four senior faculty of the department to be available for one-on-one guidance and facilitation relevant to the scholarship of our faculty. Drs. Robert Chevalier, Gregory Hayden, John Kattwinkel and Alan Rogol are available to interact and advise any of our faculty on issues related to the scholarship component of one’s career. This is an eclectic, no-agenda service that can be accessed by contacting Dr. Rogol at or 434-989-6687 [cell phone (or text)]. At first, our group shall attempt to have the faculty member engage one of us most closely allied with the individual faculty member’s career goals.

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