Heart Center Home Monitoring Program

July 20, 2021 by

Beginning in 2015, UVA Children’s Heart Center committed to revolutionizing home monitoring for the most complex of infants with congenital heart disease. Remote patient monitoring had become the standard for certain types of infants with the most complex of congenital heart defects. Antiquated systems relying on patient phone calls and rudimentary data collection were the norm yet led to inconsistencies in data collection and inhibited true high-level outpatient care.

Working with a large team of software developers, EMR technicians, clinicians and families, UVA Children’s Heart Center created the first completely digital, EMR-integrated, HIPAA compliant and secure software platform to digitally connect patients back to their providers in ways never imagined. Combining real-time video, with data management and analysis, physicians at UVA Children’s Heart Center are now able to promptly respond to data or concerns while making interventions remotely with patients in their home environment. This has led to a nearly 40% reduction in emergency department visits, improved weight gain and nutrition and even reduced length of stay while patients are admitted to the hospital by improving transitions to home. This platform, developed exclusively at UVA Children’s Heart Center, has now been adopted in over three dozen major children’s hospitals across the country.

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