February Quality Corner

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7 Acute Celebrates 365 Days CLABSI Free!!

Congratulations to all the team members on 7 Acute for an amazing job. On February 13th, 7 Acute celebrated an entire year without a central line associated blood stream infection (CLABSI). That amounts to 365 days, 8760 hours, or 525,600 minutes. As the days pass without another infection, it continues to increase the Children’s Hospital record of CLABSI free days. This would not have been possible without excellent teamwork across the entire Children’s Hospital, from the care given to our chronic patients while outpatient to the staff of environmental services who clean and disinfect the rooms after every discharge. Additionally, kudos should be given to the CLABSI Working Group who meet monthly to discuss infections, problem solve and work on improving the care we provide our sickest patients. This group meets on a monthly basis on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm in the 7 Central Dayroom. The next meeting is March 10th. Email Laura Lee, MD ( if you would like more information.

Culture of Safety Survey Ambulatory Results

Last month, we showed the inpatient unit results of December’s Culture of Safety Survey that was sent out hospital wide. As a reminder, this Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality survey focused on the following issues:

  • Communication openness
  • Feedback and communication about error
  • Frequency of events reported
  • Handoffs and transitions
  • Management support for patient safety
  • Nonpunitive response to error
  • Organizational learning – continuous improvement
  • Overall perceptions of patient safety
  • Staffing
  • Supervisor/manager expectations and actions promoting safety
  • Teamwork across units
  • Teamwork within units

As a whole, the Pediatric Ambulatory staff reported a much higher safety culture compared to the entire Medical Center except in providing feedback and communication about errors. The strongest areas identified included teamwork across units, management support and expectations/actions promoting safety. Much like the inpatient units, the area where we can improve the most involves handoffs and transitions. This has been highlighted as an area where the entire Medical Center can improve and will be developing plans and solutions to close this gap.

Thank you all for participating in the survey and showing us where we are strong and where we can improve!

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