Faculty Scholarly Mentoring Program

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A new service is available that can assist you with enhancing scholarship. Through this service, faculty and fellows receive customized, one-on-one guidance and facilitation.

“Contributing original scholarship is an essential part of the academic enterprise, and the responsibility really belongs to all of us,” says Dr. Jim Nataro, Department Chair. “We all sit on the cutting edge of pediatrics; we are all thoughtful and are able to make observations that are valuable to our colleagues at other institutions, and in community settings. But some of us have more experience generating scholarship that others. The purpose of this initiative is to ask those with great experience to help mentor those with less.”

Senior faculty Dr. Robert Chevalier (Nephrology), Dr. Gregory Hayden (General Pediatrics), Dr. John Kattwinkel (Neonatology), and Dr. Alan Rogol (Endocrinology/Diabetes) are the original members of the Faculty Scholarly Mentoring program. “This is year number 40 for me at this institution. Between the 4 of us, we have about 140 years of experience at UVA combined,” says Dr. Rogol.

“It doesn’t matter what your job is in the Pediatrics department; everyone has to show scholarship. Scholarship comes in many flavors; you may be conducting a clinical trial, running a patient care experiment, or researching bacterial cell death,” says Dr. Rogol.

The service provides assistance with anything scholarship-related. The mentors are available to help with formulation, draft review, and overall advice. “Mentors will discuss your project with you at any level –an idea in your mind, preliminary data, or after completion,” says Dr. Rogol. “From promotions, to grants, to deliverables, we can give you the structure you need.”

“None of us get anywhere without a mentor at some time during our careers. No one should have any hesitation in using this service. I am excited to be able to facilitate it,” says Dr. Nataro.

Enhance your scholarship today! To use this service, please email Dr. Rogol at or text 434-989-6687 to be specifically matched with a mentor based on task-at-hand.

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