Clinical Informatics Friday Meetings

September 29, 2014 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Here’s another opportunity to get involved in QI and informatics! It is so critical for clinicians (especially clinicians who care for children) to have a voice in the continued development of our EHR to ensure that we have software that is useable and useful to us “in the trenches”. And valid data to inform our continued practice improvement. Come get a slice of pizza and share your clinical expertise. Contact John Voss, MD ( if you would like to get emails about this committee.

From John Voss: The Medical Center now has a Clinical Information Technology Oversight Committee up and running. It has 7-8 various subcommittees including ones on clinical informatics, clinical decision support and also reporting and analytics. Those subcommittees have been meeting for several months but it is a cumbersome process for obtaining feedback from clinicians who actually use our clinical information systems either for direct patient care (EPIC) or other functions like quality improvement (Reporting workbench and other data sources).

Glenn Wasson, Jason Lyman and I are forming a group to meet every Friday for the various information systems builders and analysts to present their current work and future ideas to clinicians for direct feedback. The three of us are sending this email to you because you have been involved in similar past efforts or we just think you are a really smart person or both. We are planning to meet at 1 PM on Fridays, location TBA. While it is completely unrealistic to expect YOU to come every Friday, we will meet every Friday with whomever is available. Your reward will be a couple of slices of pizza! We will be presenting ideas on health maintenance, healthy planet, BPAs for decision support, expanded reporting around ACOs or other quality metrics and more. The focus will include supporting work that individual clinicians do as well as supporting work that various teams (QI, other leadership teams, etc) do. We will send out an email ahead of time so you know what we are talking about each week.

We are planning the first meeting for October 17 at 1 PM. I hope you will be able to join us for at least some of these meetings. If Friday afternoons are completely out of the question for you, please feel free to suggest an interested colleague.

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