Stephanie Bingler: SOM 2013 Administrator of the Year

January 20, 2014 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Stephanie BinglerStephanie Bingler, Department Administrator for the Department of Pediatrics has been named the 2013 UVA School of Medicine Administrator of the Year.

Dr. James Nataro, Chair and Benjamin Armistead Shepherd Professor of Pediatrics, stated that Stephanie is a “catalyst and foundation of the Department’s strong performance”.  He commented on her attentiveness to his needs for the Department, and stated how “remarkably responsive she has been to the outreach from his division heads and his faculty”.  He cites several instances in which she had a significant role in shaping the place up by exhausting the inventory of accounts to find some impressive fund balances that were directed to support our missions.  He said she understands that “running an enterprise requires the long view, and that with our minds and hearts in the right place, things will invariably turn out for the best”.

Likewise, Nancy McDaniel, Vice Chair for the Department of Pediatrics, mentioned Stephanie’s outstanding “insight and excellent judgment.”  Nancy stated that she always “knows when you need assistance, and she also gives assistance to others in a manner that is supportive to them.” Nancy believes that “in addition to all of the positive attributes” she brings to work, “she also adds fun to the workplace” as well.  Stephanie always “has a smile and a positive attitude, and she never forgets to acknowledge the accomplishments of others, especially when she remembers their birthdays without fail.”

Raymond Selig, Administrator for the Department of Dentistry states, “Stephanie has specifically aided me in my role but I would be remiss if I did not comment on Stephanie as a colleague.  There are many administrators like me who have had our own careers supported by Stephanie.  She is a wise counselor, a standard bearer of integrity and civility and is as highly respected as anyone in this field.  Stephanie has demonstrated these qualities throughout her career.  And while I have noted her influence on those of us within Administration, I am certain there are many others who could tell their own stories of how she has supported and mentored them.”

Stephanie is a remarkable individual and an invaluable administrator for the Department of Pediatrics!

There will be a reception to honor Stephanie on Monday, January 27, 1:30 to 3:00 PM, in the Pediatrics Conference Room #3906, 3rd floor in the Old Medical School building.

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