Wagner Fellowships Awarded for 2022

July 6, 2022 by

Robert R. Wagner, MDThanks to the tremendous generosity of Dr. Robert Wagner and his wife Mary, the Wagner Fellowship fund was able to award fellowships to 11 BIMS students this year. Dr. Wagner served as Professor and Chair of Microbiology from 1967 to 1994 and contributed in so many ways to the School of Medicine, UVA, and the scientific community at large. These fellowships are a lasting tribute to his dedication to student training, his encouragement of young scientists, and his love of UVA.

Please join us in congratulating the 2022 Wagner Fellows!

Rising 3rd Year Students

  • Bena Chan (Pharmacology; Ilya Levental)
  • Sam Crowl (Biomedical Engineering; Kristen Naegle)
  • Sarah Hunter-Chang (Neuroscience; Chris Deppmann and Sarah Kucenas)
  • Luis Real Hernandez (Biophysics/Physiology; Ilya Levental)
  • Abigail Whitford (Microbiology; Anna Cliffe)

Rising 4th/5th Year Students

  • Shaylyn Clancy (Cell Biology; Xiaowei Lu)
  • Sarah Dochnal (Microbiology; Anna Cliffe)
  • Elisa Enriquez Hesles (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics; Jeff Smith)
  • Jeremi Kuklewicz (Biophysics/Physiology; Jochen Zimmer)
  • Kristyna Kupkova (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics; David Auble)
  • Johnson Ung (Microbiology; Tom Loughran)

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