Five Graduating Residents Receive Anne L. Brodie Resident Clinician Award

July 5, 2023 by

The recipient of the award is a graduating resident known to:

  • provide continuity of care and intentionally develop collaborative, longitudinal doctor-patient relationships;
  • demonstrate compassionate, patient-centered care; and
  • demonstrate excellence in clinical knowledge, skill, and judgment.

This year’s inspirational awardees and quotes from nominators describing some of the reasons why they received the award:

Benjamin Cahill, MD, Medicine

“Dr. Cahill is the renaissance physician. He cares about the whole patient. He knows the details of his patient’s family situations and stressors. He communicates, clearly, often, attentively with the patient and the whole team.”

Nicholas Kidd, MD, Family Medicine

“Throughout my 15 years as a nurse at UVA, I have worked with a countless number of residents, and can confidently say that Dr. Kidd is one of the best. In addition to his genuinely kind and caring nature, he is supportive to nursing staff and adored by his patients. He remains calm in stressful situations, and is always thoughtful in his responses. I speak for all of the nursing staff in Crozet when I say that Dr. Kidd is an amazing person (and provider), who deserves recognition for all the does for his patients and team.”

Evan Rajadhyaksha, MD, Pediatrics

“Over and over again, I have watched patients’ and families’ eyes light up when Evan walks in a room. They truly connect with him as ‘their’ doctor in a way that I have not seen with many other residents. Over the past few months, I have heard many of his patients express genuine grief that Evan will be graduating this year and leaving UVA. However, in true Evan style, he is carefully hand-picking residents to take over the care and management of his patients to ensure the best match of child and doctor.”

Jessica Row, MD, Family Medicine

“Dr. Row cares about her patients in their entirety — the physical health and their social and emotional well-being. She sees each patient in the context of his or her life circumstances and has an incredible capacity for empathy.”

Margo Tanner, MD, Medicine

“From day one, she has taken full ownership of her panel of patients — both in their physical visits as well as their entire care between visits, briefing consultants and calling her patients when they fail to keep appointments and addressing barriers to their care. … Just this week, she re-evaluated a long-term patient with increasing unsteadiness and was able to find subtle pieces of history and exam that led to a new diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.”

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