BIMS Program Recognizes Student Awardees at Annual GBS Symposium

June 1, 2022 by

BIMS Awards 2022

Pictured: Mark Kreutzberger, Heather Raimer, Kristyna Kupkova, Tanyaporn (Oom) Pattarabanjird, and Ben Morris. Missing: Mitch Granade, Katie Salvati and Erin Weddle.

The Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS) Symposium was held on May 26. The day was filled with a very successful poster session where our students were able to present their compelling research stories (for some for the first time ever and for others for the first time in person in a very long time), terrific talks from the Outstanding Student awardees from each of our PhD programs, a wonderful presentation by the student-invited keynote speaker and, finally, the presentation of the GBS Leadership, Peach and Hungerford awards. Congratulations to the recipients of all of these recognitions.

Poster Awards
1st place: Katie Pavelec
2nd place: Lillian Dillard
3rd place: Johnson Ung

Outstanding Student Awardees
Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics: Kristyna Kupkova
Biomedical Engineering: Tanyaporn (Oom) Pattarabanjird
Biophysics: Mark Kreutzberger
MCBD/Experimental Pathology: Benjamin Morris
Microbiology: Erin Weddle
Neuroscience: Kathryn Salvati
Pharmacology: Mitch Granade

GBS Leadership Awardee
Heather Raimer

Jill E. Hungerford Prize in Biomedical Sciences
Mitch Granade

Michael J. Peach Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Tanyaporn (Oom) Pattarabanjird

Congratulations again to all of our awardees!

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