School of Medicine Promotes 100 Faculty in 2023

August 9, 2023 by

SOM Faculty group promoted or tenured in 2023On Wednesday, August 2, 2023, the School of Medicine Dean’s Office and Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development hosted an event at the Colonnade Club celebrating the accomplishments of recently promoted or tenured School of Medicine faculty and honoring the work of the School’s Promotions and Tenure Committee. Guests of honor were joined by their department chairs and their families.

Dean Kibbe provided remarks during the event, noting that impressively, 100 faculty in the UVA School of Medicine were promoted or tenured in 2023, 42% of whom were women; 17 faculty were awarded tenure, 27 were promoted to full professor, and 56 were promoted to associate professor. The numbers included 96 faculty who successfully completed the promotions and tenure process in the 2022-2023 class, and there were an additional four out-of-cycle promotions during this same time period, for a total of 100 faculty. Four of those who were promoted were from UVA’s Inova campus.

The list of recently promoted or tenured faculty is available here.

The names of School of Medicine Promotions and Tenure Committee are available here. 

Congratulations to all the faculty who advanced for their hard work and excellence!

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