School of Medicine Faculty Invited to Partner with University of Global Health Equity Teaching Students in Rwanda

September 1, 2022 by

Dean Abebe UGHE Rawanda lectureMarcel Durieux, MD, PhD, a professor emeritus in the School of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology, invites faculty to consider volunteering with the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) to train health care providers and medical students in Rwanda.

History and Mission

Established in rural Rwanda in 2015 by Dr. Paul Farmer and Partners in Health, the University of Global Health Equity is a one-of-a-kind institution training the next generation of healthcare leaders. With its principles rooted in equity, UGHE strives to change the landscape of health education. Driven by the late Dr. Paul Farmer’s ethos of providing preferential treatment for the poor and underserved, UGHE trains health care providers and medical students to look at health through the lens of equity and to be advocates for the most vulnerable in their communities.

Achieving UGHE’s Vision Through Partnerships

To achieve its vision, UGHE believes partnerships are key. Faculty from institutions all over the world teach alongside UGHE faculty, both in-person and online. UGHE’s School of Medicine, training over 100 Rwandan and East African students over a 6.5-year integrated Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and Master of Science of Global Health Delivery degree, is currently seeking volunteer faculty to support teaching, mentorship and program development in the Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Medicine departments. There are opportunities for faculty to support remotely, by teaching sessions online or providing remote mentorship or curriculum support. Faculty are also welcome to UGHE’s campus, based in rural northern Rwanda, to provide in-person support for an agreed upon time-period. Whether remote or in-person, volunteer faculty typically assist in one or more specific modules of the basic sciences or clinical curriculum, depending on their expertise, availability and UGHE’s needs.

By working together with expert faculty from all over the world, UGHE is a global institution located in one of the most remote parts of Rwanda. Students at UGHE are exposed to a wide range of expertise and innovations, allowing them to apply a global perspective to their practice in Rwanda. UGHE’s existing partnership with the University of Virginia has seen over two years of successful collaboration on the ‘eGlobal’ project, which encourages the development of cross-cultural collaboration skills through a remote research partnership between UGHE and UVA students. Students learn how to communicate and build rapport across cultures and academic disciplines. The calibre of the research projects they have produced is testament to the importance of global partnerships and opportunities to connect with experts from other institutions.

Learn More about Volunteering with UGHE

UGHE is looking for more volunteer faculty from institutions around the world to support its Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Medicine departments and invites faculty from UVA to join the mission to train the next generation of global healthcare leaders.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities to be a volunteer faculty at UGHE, either remotely or on UGHE’s campus, please reach out to Dr. Marcel Durieux at

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