Peter Dean, MD, to Serve as Chair of the Faculty Communications Council

August 11, 2023 by

Peter Dean

Peter Dean, MD

UVA Health is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Dean, MD, as the new council chair of the Faculty Communications Council (FCC). Established in 2021 to improve organizational culture, the FCC plays a crucial role in fostering open dialogue and strengthening communication channels between faculty, physicians and leadership at UVA Health to strengthen the bonds of trust and transparency within the organization.

Dr. Dean succeeds Anne Mills, MD, who has been instrumental in facilitating collaborative conversations with health system leadership on various topics, including billing/collections, ambulatory operations, expansion/integration with UVA Community Health, revenue cycle integration and the COVID-19 response. The passing of the torch from Dr. Mills to Dr. Dean signals a continued commitment to collective and constructive communication.

During the first meeting of 2023, members of the FCC identified several high-interest topics such as physician compensation, faculty staffing, four-hour clinic panels and space planning in the medical center.

In the spirit of transparency and inclusivity, faculty can access the full minutes from the first meeting and previous meetings through the FCC’s website (current faculty must log in through their VPN). The meeting minutes offer valuable insights into the discussions and decisions made during the meetings, ensuring that faculty members stay well-informed about these ongoing conversations.

All faculty members are welcome to read the FCC meeting minutes and can nominate themselves or their peers for FCC membership consideration when council positions open. By engaging in transparent and collaborative communication, faculty members can collectively foster trust, transparency and meaningful change for the benefit of team members and patients alike at UVA Health.

For more information about the FCC and to access the meeting minutes, visit

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