Department of Pediatrics Welcomes Firezer Haregu, MD, the First SOM ‘Targets of Opportunity’ Hire

July 18, 2023 by

Firezer Haregu

Firezer Haregu, MD

The Department of Pediatrics recently hired Firezer Haregu, MD, through the ‘Targets of Opportunity’ (TOPS) program, a funding source created to support initiatives aligning with achievement of the University of Virginia’s 2030 Strategic Plan. Dr. Haregu is the first TOPS hire for the School of Medicine.

TOPS is a program is funded through the UVA’s Strategic Investment Fund and Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, which encourages departments to invest in top talent to achieve the Plan’s vision of becoming ‘A Great and Good University.’ It expands on the existing Bicentennial Professorships, helping the School of Medicine recruit the very best researchers, teachers, and mentors and strengthen capabilities in strategic priority areas.

In the hiring of Dr. Haregu, the Department of Pediatrics strengthens its faculty and supports The 2030 Plan in 3 distinct ways. Dr. Haregu represents the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, which facilitates achievement of the Plan’s ‘strengthening our foundation’ goal. He offers clinical expertise in pediatric cardiology — knowledge and experience that is very limited nationally. Also, Dr. Haregu received his training at UVA, and completed his fellowship and an additional year of fellowship training for heart failure/transplant at UVA Children’s. Retaining a highly qualified clinician who is already known by the department to embody the ASPIRE values strengthens the team at a time when demand for his skills is escalating.

Dr. Haregu’s appointment also helps the Department of Pediatrics support the University’s goal to ‘cultivate the most vibrant community in higher education.’ Expansion of the pediatric cardiovascular program allows the School of Medicine to be good neighbors and partners to the local community. The addition of Dr. Haregu helps ensure the availability of providers to meet the needs of our Charlottesville patients as demand for services grows across the region and state.

Finally, hiring Dr. Haregu through the TOPS program allows the Department of Pediatrics to support achievement of the Plan’s key strategic goal to ‘make UVA synonymous with service.’  Very few programs with the excellence of the pediatric cardiology program are available across the state. With Dr. Haregu joining the faculty, the department is better equipped to serve patients far and wide, like those from Carillion, VCU, Winchester, and the rapidly growing Northern Virginia area. It also allows for future outreach to TN and WVA.

As the University moves closer to the achievement of The 2030 Plan, the Department of Pediatrics continues to seek ways to grow and achieve excellence in clinical, research, education and community mission areas. Pediatrics welcomed Dr. Haregu to his new role on July 1. We can’t wait to see what great and good things are in our future as he begins serving patients from Virginia and beyond.

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