Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research 2018

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UVA School of Medicine Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research honors faculty who have demonstrated outstanding research. Winners of the award for 2018 include the following:
Junior Faculty Award: James A. Platts-Mills, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
Senior Faculty Award: Peter I. Lobo, MD, Professor of Medicine

Photo showing James A. Platts-Mills, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

James A. Platts-Mills, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

James A. Platts-Mills, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

“James’ mastery of not only molecular diagnostics, pathogenic mechanisms and clinical medicine, but also epidemiology have placed him in the unique position to design and analyze truly cutting-edge research.” – Colleague

“Dr. Platts-Mills has the remarkable and rare ability to think as a clinician while having a broad understanding of clinical research methodology and epidemiology. He has taken on sophisticated analyses of large and complicated datasets. His ability to bridge what is often a substantial divide – understanding the broad priorities of the field of enteric infectious diseases while also being able to analyze, interpret, and communicate complex data – has allowed him to excel in his research as well as provide support for other faculty and trainees.” – Colleague

“As an extremely productive scientist and collaborator, he is one of the fastest rising stars in our field of enteric infectious diseases.” – Colleague

“James’ research contributions have been of remarkable significance to the field. These include his in-depth evaluation of enteric infections in the vast 8-country prospective cohort on malnutrition and enteric disease and development of new models of analysis for the interpretation of novel molecular techniques in the diagnosis of enteric pathogens in the developing world.” – Colleague

“Having spent my entire career studying the mechanisms and impact of diarrheal illnesses and pathogens, it is especially exciting to see such a brilliant young colleague who is employing new tools to this important field and its potentially lasting impact on child growth and development.”– Colleague


Peter I. Lobo, MD, Professor of Medicine

“Peter Lobo is a highly creative, persistent, dedicated clinician-scientist who has advanced our fundamental understanding of immune processes and improved the quality of life of many patients throughout the world.” – Colleague

“Dr. Lobo has impacted the field of immunology through his seminal work when he discovered both the NK cell and T regulatory cell during a time when sophisticated reagents did not exist.” – Colleague

“During 20 years of clinical duties, clinical exposure provided him the opportunity to make several observations which he took to the bench. Dr. Lobo continues to take care of patients and work with residents and faculty as he strongly believes that ideas are generated with clinical observations and during discussions.” – Colleague

“His highly innovative and trailblazing work is a natural evolution of his lifetime achievements, and has the potential for high impact and significant clinical implication and promise for the prevention of acute kidney injury.” – Colleague

“His discoveries have saved the lives of patients with liver failure who would have been denied transplants because of anti-HLA antibodies in their blood. Similarly, his research has allowed dialysis patients with high blood levels of IgM-ALA to have access to life-saving kidney transplants.” – Colleague

“Dr. Lobo is an extraordinary clinician-scientist who has made remarkable contributions to the fields of immunology and transplant immunology as well as to the clinical care of patients worldwide.” – Colleague

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