Faculty News Weekly Round-Up: October 5, 2018

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UVA SOM Faculty News Weekly Round-Up
October 5, 2018

• New Telehealth Program Connects Culpeper Patients with UVA Heart Experts

A new telehealth partnership between Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center and UVA Health System will enable Culpeper-area patients to get easier access to UVA’s heart and vascular experts.
When patients with potential heart or vascular conditions are brought to Culpeper Medical Center’s emergency department, physicians and patients will be connected through a secure videoconferencing link with physicians at the UVA Heart & Vascular Center through UVA’s Karen S. Rheuban Center for Telehealth.

UVA physicians will be able to review the patient’s medical records as well as any imaging and lab results and discuss potential treatment options both with the Culpeper Medical Center team as well as the patient and their family. This will help patients and families play a more active role in determining the next steps, which could range from some new medications to an admission to Culpeper Medical Center or a transfer to UVA Medical Center for surgery.

“The Aortic Telehealth program allows for a closer collaboration between Culpeper Medical Center and UVA,” said Nicholas Teman, MD, a UVA heart surgeon. “Patients and their families will have the opportunity to meet with their surgeon prior to a transfer for potential emergency surgery, and unneeded transfers can be avoided.”

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• Southwest Virginia Residents Sought to Direct Region’s Battle Against Cancer

A new University of Virginia Cancer Center initiative will empower Southwest Virginia residents to lead projects to better detect and prevent cancer in the region. The effort has earned $244,589 in funding from the Eugene Washington Engagement Award Program at the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

With the funding in hand, the UVA Cancer Center Without Walls team is now seeking Southwest Virginia residents who will be trained to guide these cancer research projects.

Their goal is to address two cancer disparities in the Appalachian counties of Southwest Virginia:
• the lack of early screening and detection
• high death rates (between 15 and 36 percent higher compared with urban non-Appalachian residents) caused by later detection and lack of access to treatment and support programs

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• UVA’s Jonathan Kipnis Receives Prestigious NIH Director’s Pioneer Award

A University of Virginia School of Medicine neuroscientist who is transforming our understanding of the brain’s relationship to the immune system has been awarded the prestigious Director’s Pioneer Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH Common Fund).

Jonathan Kipnis, chair of UVA’s Department of Neuroscience and director of UVA Center for Brain Immunology and Glia – BIG, will receive more than $5.6 million in research funding over five years as part of the award. The prize recognizes scientists with outstanding records of creativity as they pioneer new approaches to the biggest challenges in medical and behavioral research, with the goal of funding work that could have a transformative effect on human health.
Kipnis’ Pioneer Award is the first received by a School of Medicine researcher based on research done at UVA.

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• UVA House Call: Dr. Jennifer Harvey on Breast Cancer

Dr. Jennifer Harvey from UVA Cancer Center discusses screening and treating breast cancers.

Watch the interview:…/uva-house-call-dr-jennifer-harvey-on…

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