The Sharon L. Hostler Women in Medicine Leadership Award 2017

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The Sharon L. Hostler Women in Medicine Leadership Award recognizes the leadership qualities of a physician or basic scientist at the School of Medicine, female or male, who manifests excellence in several of the following areas: clinical care, teaching, scholarship, mentoring, research, leadership, community service, and commitment to continuous learning, and who has exerted influence in fostering a better institutional environment by advocating for women’s issues.

The recipient of the award for 2017 is Cynthia M. Yoshida, MD, Professor of Medicine.

Congratulations, Dr. Yoshida!


“Cindy is a wonderful example of the servant leader who makes everyone around her a better person. People who work with Cindy recognize her uncompromising focus on excellence and in seeing this, it makes them perform to a higher level and this makes the entire community greater.” – Colleague

“Cindy has been a pioneer in the field of women’s health and medicine, and she has also been a mentor and advocate for women both in clinical and academic medicine.” – Colleague

“She looked at each of us and said, ‘you all need to know your worth. You are valuable.’ This may seem insignificant, but I feel as if this was a turning point in my career. I always enjoyed my job and my work environment, but for some reason I had never really considered myself as ‘valuable.’ Cindy changed this.” – Colleague

“Her special interest in protecting and guiding the young faculty is particularly indicative of her excellence in mentorship and the University will reap the rewards for many years in the future.” – Colleague

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