Master Clinician Award 2017

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The Master Clinician Award recognizes up to two UVA physicians with the reputation of being the “doctors’ doctor;” the physicians to whom their colleagues turn to assist in managing complicated patients, care for family members, or serve as their personal physician.

All School of Medicine faculty and UVA Health System clinicians were provided an opportunity to submit the names of up to two eligible UVA physicians.

The two clinicians whose names were submitted most frequently on the electronic ballot by their colleagues received the award.

Winners of the award for 2017 are the following:
– Christopher A. Campbell, MD, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery
– David R. Diduch, MD, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Congratulations, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Diduch!

“No other surgeon offers as wide an array of cutting edge techniques. Dr. Campbell has risen to become the ‘go-to’ plastic surgeon at UVA, with his selfless dedication to providing the most comprehensive array of reconstructive options.” – Colleague

“Dr. Campbell is not only an excellent doctor, summed up, he’s an excellent human being.” – Colleague

“He is the “go-to” for all complicated reconstructive surgery and is a well-respected, well-established mentor in his department and community. He goes above and beyond with every single referral and case, and this is why he is the top referred-to plastic surgeon at UVA.” – Colleague

“He provides a level of technical care that is, in general, only available in major metropolitan areas like Houston, New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles.” – Colleague

“Though Dr. Campbell has a rigorous clinical schedule, he is continually contemplating research questions that could further benefit his patients. Dr. Campbell puts the patient first, not only his current patients, but he is always thinking about how to improve patient care as his practice evolves.” – Colleague

“I would refer any one of my friends and family members to him and trust they will be treated with state of the art techniques and impeccable operative judgement.” – Colleague

“After twenty years of service, he has taken care of scores of our faculty and their family members. He has been the Head Team Physician for UVA Athletics and as such, has been instrumental in bringing athletes back to their full potential.” – Colleague

“We are lucky to have him here at UVA.” – Colleague

“Dr. Diduch is truly a master clinician and is the ‘go to’ physician when members of his department or their families need knee and shoulder care.” – Colleague

“A huge number of our faculty like me have him care for family members, neighbors, and friends on a regular basis. He has cared for several of our faculty members, family members, and staff.” – Colleague

“He is a talented and caring provider whether he is treating a college or professional athlete, a department family member, or just an average member of the community who is under his care.” – Colleague

“I will definitely use him as my family surgeon. He is the best!” – Colleague

“I assure you that there is no other surgeon at UVA who has operated on more faculty than Dr. Diduch. He has operated on me, my wife, my mother-in-law, and at least half the faculty in my department. He has operated on hundreds of our UVa and local high school athletes.” – Colleague

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