Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching 2017

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UVA School of Medicine Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching honors faculty who have demonstrated outstanding skills in teaching medical students.

Winners of the award for 2017 include the following:
– Michelle L. Bland, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
– Robert A. Bloodgood, PhD, Professor of Cell Biology
– Eric W. Carson, MD, Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
– Sara K. Rasmussen, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Surgery
– Neeral Shah, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine

Congratulations, all!

“It is clear that she loves her role as an educator. What I really appreciate is how supportive she is while at the same time holding me and others to high expectations.” – Student

“She has the true gift for orienting and engaging young graduate students in the process of learning how to approach sciences from the experimental and analytical perspective.” – Colleague

“Michelle exhibits many characteristics of a great teacher. She is both demanding and encouraging, which motivates students to expect more from themselves. She has unmatched enthusiasm for science. Michelle manages to clearly express complex concepts, while simultaneously promoting class participation and valuing student input.” – Student

“Michelle is a wonderful person, a fantastic scientist, and an awe-inspiring teacher. She is truly an outstanding member of the university community.” – Student

“Dr. Bloodgood’s friendly manner makes him easily approachable, both in and outside the classroom. Not only is he very knowledgeable about histology, but he makes it clear that he genuinely wants us, his students, to learn and love the subject as much as he does.” – Student

“This teacher, scientist, and mentor has been so instrumental in the education and lives of his students. Throughout the many years of his service at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, the students have been greatly impacted by Dr. Bob Bloodgood.” – Students

“Dr. Bloodgood’s enthusiasm is infectious and his excitement in teaching histology nearly palpable. It is hard not to have some of this passion rub off on you while in class.” – Student

“While my class has been taught by many brilliant scientists during M1, not every brilliant scientist is an excellent teacher. Dr. Bloodgood is both.” – Student

“As a teacher, he has had a substantial influence on me, and has motivated me to become the best physician I can possibly be and to give back to the field. Dr. Carson has tirelessly dedicated his life to educating his students, his residents, his fellows, and his patients.” – Student

“A consistent theme repeated by many of Dr. Carson’s protégées is the extent to which he has remained connected and engaged in their professional development. His mentoring relationships often span years, from undergraduate school, through medical school, and into residency and fellowship.” – Colleagues

“Dr. Carson always inspired me to excel while empowering me to create my own path.” – Student

“His dedication to patients and students is unparalleled and his devotion to excellence makes him an extraordinary role model for anyone to encounter. He is loved and respected by his patients, colleagues, residents, and students.” –Student

“Dr. Rasmussen has been a wonderful mentor who has played a pivotal role in my decision to emulate her as a surgeon-scientist. She is not only an exemplary clinician, but a model teacher and advisor.” – Student

“She is dedicated to sharing her passion for her work and facilitating students’ constant improvement in their own skills and passions.” – Colleague

“She is engaged, enthusiastic, kind, open, and extremely intelligent. She truly cares about her students, well beyond what the curriculum and school of medicine requires. She wants us to be successful, empathetic, compassionate physicians but she also is there for anyone who needs a listening ear or a nudge in the right direction.” – Student

“Dr. Rasmussen is an exemplary teacher on the wards, in the operating room, and in the lab. Her academic success is borne from a genuine passion for her work and respect for her colleagues and mentees.” – Resident

“Dr. Shah creates impeccable rapport with his students. He even possesses a very useful, yet mysterious skill: he seems to know every student’s name by heart, despite no previous direct interaction.” – Student

“While his confidence in the teaching role is the foundation of his effectiveness, he is not averse to being vulnerable and his honest, transparent, and patient demeanor is inspiring.” – Colleague

“Dr. Shah has been a big part of my UVA family. These relationships are what makes us, as students, want to stay at an institution for residency or come back for fellowship. They are the strongest legacies UVA can impart on students. Just mentioning his name to other students in informal conversations makes it clear that Dr. Shah is not only part of my UVA Family—he is part of countless other students’ families as well.” – Student

“He strives to create both an intellectually and emotionally safe classroom and his enthusiasm for the students as learners and as people sets the tone.” – Colleague

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