Faculty News Weekly Round-Up: November 3

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UVA SOM Faculty News Weekly Round-Up
November 3

• Study Examines Potential of Sound Waves to Manage Parkinson’s Disease

Participants in a pilot study to determine if focused ultrasound can reduce tremor caused by Parkinson’s disease found that the procedure had a 62 percent median improvement in their hand tremor three months later.

UVA School of Medicine faculty contributing to the study include the following:
Binit Shah, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology
Madaline Harrison, MD, Professor of Neurology
Scott Sperling, PsyD, Assistant Professor of Neurology
W. Jeff Elias, MD, Professor of Neurological Surgery

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• Breastfeeding for Two Months Halves Risk of SIDS

“Breastfeeding for just two months reduces the risk of SIDS by almost half, and the longer babies are breastfed, the greater the protection. The other important finding from our study is that any amount of breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS – in other words, both partial and exclusive breastfeeding appear to provide the same benefit,” said Fern Hauck, MD.

Rachel Moon, MD, added, “It’s great for mothers to know that breastfeeding for at least two months provides such a strong protective effect against SIDS. We strongly support international and national efforts to promote breastfeeding.”

Hauck is Professor of Family Medicine and Moon is Professor of Pediatrics, both at UVA School of Medicine.

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• UVA School of Medicine Wins Diversity Award

For the sixth year in a row, UVA School of Medicine has received the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award.

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