Faculty News Weekly Round-Up, June 16

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UVA School of Medicine Faculty News Weekly Round-Up
June 16

• UVA Honored as Center of Excellence for Bone Marrow Cancer

University of Virginia Cancer Center has earned recognition as a national center of excellence for its care of patients with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a cancer of the bone marrow that often leads to leukemia.

UVA is the only center in Virginia to receive this designation from the MDS Foundation for the treatment of this condition, which Michael Keng, MD, said is often referred to as a “bone marrow failure” disorder.

“UVA is devoted to providing support, research, treatment and education around MDS to all patients, caregivers, physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers,” said Keng, who is Assistant Professor of Medicine at the UVA School of Medicine.

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• UVA Announces New Strategic Investments in Brain Research, Other Projects

UVA’s Board of Visitors has approved $15.7 million over three years from the Strategic Investment Fund for a cross-disciplinary initiative called BRAIN, short for Bold Research Advancement in Neuroscience.

Documentation supporting the BRAIN grant proposal highlighted UVA’s recent successes in focused ultrasound, a technology used to treat a condition called essential tremor as well as other conditions; in epilepsy research and treatment; and in researching traumatic brain injury.

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• Board of Visitors Approves Academic Affiliation with Inova

UVA’s Board of Visitors has approved an academic affiliation with the Inova Health System Foundation that includes a research institute and a UVA School of Medicine regional campus.

UVA and Inova, along with partner George Mason University, will recruit investigators to work in collaborative teams on genetics and genomics, bioengineering, systems biology of disease, developmental biology and computational biology. The goal: make scientific discoveries that can be turned into new treatments, drugs and devices that improve the health of patients across Virginia and beyond.

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