UVA Karsh Institute of Democracy Study about Gun Violence

February 23, 2023 by

Location: McKim Hall, Room 1001

Date: Mar 2, 2023 - Mar 2, 2023

Start Time: 5:00 pm

End Time: 6:00 pm

Image of the Rotunda steps

President Jim Ryan and Provost Ian Baucom have asked the UVA Karsh Institute of Democracy to take the lead in developing a lab focusing on the problem of gun violence.

The goal of the lab will be to support a better understanding of the causes and consequences of gun violence in order to develop approaches and potential solutions to the problem. It would support research to identify best practices and approaches and translate findings to inform and sustain public debate and policy responses.

Karsh Institute is taking a comparative and holistic approach to the issue and are interested in potentially exploring a range of questions across disciplines — law and policy, education and health, social and economic contexts, and culture — and how they might be brought together in the proposed laboratory.

Given the important perspective that School of Medicine can offer on issues of health and safety, SOM faculty and staff are invited to attend the discussion with Laurent Dubois, Academic Director of the Karsh Institute and other members of the Karsh Institute team. Light refreshments will be served.

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