The Diverse Molecular and Cellular Biology of ADR- Ribosylation in Cancer with W. Lee Kraus, PhD

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Location: Pinn Hall Rm 1014 and virtual

Date: Mar 24, 2023 - Mar 24, 2023

Start Time: 12:30 pm

End Time: 1:30 pm

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W. Lee Kraus

W. Lee Kraus, PhD

Cancer Center Seminar Series: “The Diverse Molecular and Cellular Biology of ADR-Ribosylation in Cancer”

Speaker: W. Lee Kraus, MD, Professor and Director, Cecil H. and Ida Green Center for Reproductive Biology Sciences, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Five Reasons to Attend this Seminar:
1. Learn about new aspects of ADPribosylation and the PARP family of enzymes that have not historically received much attention.

2. Learn about the connections among NAD+ biosynthesis, NAD+compartmentalization, and the functions of nuclear and cytoplasmic ADPribosyl transferases.

3. Learn how PARP enzymes and ADPribosylation are providing new therapeutic opportunities in oncology.

4. Hear from a thought leader in the field, who has helped move the field beyond PARP1 and DNA repair, developed new technologies to study ADPribosylation, and
founded two biotech companies to target the enzymology of ADPribosylation in cancers.

5. See why PARPs and ADPribosylation are fun!

Lunch will be served from 12-12:30 p.m.

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