Functional Proteomics for Clinical Insight

March 28, 2023 by

Location: Pinn Hall Rm 1014 and virtual

Date: Apr 28, 2023 - Apr 28, 2023

Start Time: 12:30 pm

End Time: 1:30 pm

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Forest White

Forest White, PhD

Cancer Center Seminar Series: “Functional Proteomics for Clinical Insight”

Speaker: Forest White, PhD, Ned C (1949) and Janet C (Bemis) Rice Professor, Biological Engineering, Koch Institute for Cancer Research at MIT

Five Reasons to Attend this Seminar:

  1. Protein Phosphorylation signaling network analysis in human patient specimens.
  2. Quantitative MHC immunopeptidomics from in vitro and in vivo samples.
  3. Computational analysis of systems-level data.
  4. Therapeutic resistance mechanisms
  5. Innovative approaches to clinical analyses.

Lunch will be served from 12-12:30 p.m.

If you have questions or feedback, or if you would like to host a seminar in the future, please email Jane Heblich.

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