Education Certificate: Asking Good Educational Research Questions

October 20, 2022 by

Location: G1/G2 Pinn Hall Conference Center

Date: Nov 2, 2022 - Nov 2, 2022

Start Time: 12:00 pm

End Time: 1:00 pm

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Facilitated by Elizabeth B. Bradley, PhD, Director of Curriculum Evaluation and Associate Professor of Medical Education and James R. Martindale, PhD, Associate Professor of Medical Education, Director of Assessment

Description/Learning Outcomes: Defining your research question is a critical first step in transforming an idea/observation you have about teaching and learning into an educational research project and the conceptual framework within which you ground this question allows you to craft a question that will focus your research and guide the design of your study. Together, attention to these important aspects of a scholarly approach will prepare you to select appropriate methods and determine how you will collect and analyze data to demonstrate significant results and disseminate your findings to the broader academic community. By the end of this session, participants will be able to: make the case that your research topic is important; describe what a conceptual framework (CF) is and how to incorporate your selected CF into the design of your research project; develop a good research question using the FINER+M model; and apply the concepts covered today to your own “great idea.” (1 CME credit)

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