Biomedical Data Science Seminar: Data Enhancement and Portability for Healthcare

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Date: Dec 2, 2022 - Dec 2, 2022

Start Time: 12:00 pm

End Time: 1:00 pm

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Melody Greer PhD Seminar Speaker: Melody Greer, PhD, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Socioeconomic and behavioral aspects of our lives significantly impact our health, yet minimal social determinants of health (SDOH) data is collected in the healthcare system. Information of this type is needed for quality healthcare research and patient care because it is associated with the full spectrum of health outcomes from acute to chronic disorders. Despite the growing interest in including SDOH data in the healthcare process, there are significant challenges associated with its collection, management, quality, and portability. Dr. Greer and her team are working to address the need for standardized and complete SDOH information through automated enhancement of individual-level healthcare data.

Dr. Melody Greer’s research interests are data quality and integration. Following years of work in government and business, both independently and directing teams in the collection, maintenance, and integration of data, Dr. Greer decided to pursue her Ph.D. to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying processes at work which culminate in well-integrated and high-quality data. Towards that effort, she currently works on data enhancement, quality, and interoperability in healthcare.

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