BDSIL: The Participant Experience – A Panel Discussion

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Date: Mar 22, 2024 - Mar 22, 2024

Start Time: 12:00 pm

End Time: 1:00 pm

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The Biomedical Data Science Innovation Lab (BDSIL) program, based at the University of Virginia, offers participants a unique and immersive experience at the intersection of biomedical research and data science. Through a combination of online seminar lectures, hands-on project development, and mentorship from leading experts in the field, participants develop Team-based projects aimed at tackling complex challenges in biomedical research and healthcare.

Through an open discussion, we wish to highlight the experiences of past participants and hear directly from them on how the BDSIL has impacted their research and career trajectories. The intent of this panel discussion involving past participants of the BDSIL is to provide current and future participants with valuable insights, perspectives, and advice based on the experiences of those who have previously completed the program.

Panelists will share insights into the broader impact of the BDSIL program on their academic and professional lives, including any research projects, publications, or collaborations that have stemmed from their participation. They will reflect on the skills, knowledge, and perspectives they gained from the program and how these have influenced their contributions to the field of biomedical data science. Overall, this panel discussion will serve as an opportunity for current and future participants to learn from the experiences of their peers, gain valuable advice and guidance, and foster connections within the BDSIL community.

For more information about this event, please contact Hannah Kierce.

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