2024 Protecting Health in a Changing Climate: Rising Heat and Health in Virginia

March 6, 2024 by

Location: UVA School of Nursing and Virtual

Date: Apr 13, 2024 - Apr 13, 2024

Start Time: 8:00 am

End Time: 3:00 pm

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This conference addresses how the warming climate is changing heat-related illness patterns and health. The incidence of heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and burn injury are rising, and warmer temperatures also increase the risk for hospitalizations related to other chronic conditions, including underlying heart disease, asthma, COPD, and kidney problems. Many commonly prescribed medications also increase the risk for adverse health outcomes when coupled with warmer temperatures. Warmer temperatures are also associated with climate-related anxiety and depression, and may also increase violence, crime, and suicide.

This conference will help you protect health, particularly for vulnerable communities and populations, through knowledge of evaluation and management of heat-related illness and will also help you advocate for policies that protect individuals, families, and communities from rising temperatures.

Target Audience

RNs, MDs, PAs, students in health and environmental sciences, and others with an interest in climate and health.


  • In-person at UVA School of Nursing, 225 Jeanette Lancaster Way, Charlottesville, VA 22903
  • Virtually via Zoom

Desired Outcomes

After participation in this activity, learners should be able to:

  1. Describe the ways that extreme heat events will impact heat-related illness patterns in the community.
  2. Correlate individual and community factors with increased risk for heat-related illness.
  3. Use technology to anticipate, prepare for, and report increased health-related illness in the community.
  4. Apply evidence-based practices to evaluate and manage heat-related illness, especially in selected vulnerable populations.
  5. Advocate for policies that protect individuals and communities from extreme-heat events and subsequent heat-related morbidity and mortality.

(CME Credit Offered)

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