PhD Student Yogindra Raghav Appointed to Microsoft GitHub’s Global Campus Experts Program

June 1, 2023 by

Yogindra Raghav

Yogindra Raghav

Congratulations to Yogindra Raghav, a first-year PhD student in the Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics (BMG) program within the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BIMS), who was appointed to Microsoft GitHub’s Global Campus Experts Program. He is the first applicant form UVA to be selected for this highly competitive award which accepted 90 campus experts worldwide out of more than 6,000 applicants — a 1.5% acceptance rate. GitHub, a Microsoft subsidiary, is the world’s largest open-source software repository. Modern-day websites rely on software hosted on GitHub. And most academic computational methods and analyses are hosted there for others to view/use. Experts selected for the program must meet a high threshold for technical skill proficiency. Prior to coming to UVA, Raghav graduated honors from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Bioinformatics. He completed post-bachelor’s research for 3 years at MIT Biological Engineering and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.


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