High School Students Learn About the Pulmonary System Through Discover Medicine Program

January 10, 2024 by

Student practices intubation on a medical mannequin at UVA.Local high school students joined UVA School of Medicine’s National Medical Association (SNMA) Chapter on December 7 for another installment of the Discover Medicine program, which focused on the pulmonary system.

The high school students received a broad overview of the pulmonary system from the medical student and graduate student leaders and learned about advances in lung cancer research. They also had an opportunity to practice obtaining a history and physical exam within the context of the respiratory system. The students were also able to examine anatomic and histologic samples of the lungs.

After lunch, students connected with current medical students, graduate students, researchers and attending physicians to learn about their journey in medicine and the biomedical sciences. The students ended the day with intubating mannequins under the guidance of attending anesthesiologists.

SNMA would like to thank the pulmonary system student leaders: Anjola Toyon, Jordan Holsey, Chris Nelms, Danielle Jones, Sam Young and Nicole Kirk for organizing the activities and Robin LeGallo, MD, David Moyer, DC, and Kamilla Esfahani, MD, for their guidance and support of another successful Discover Medicine day.

Please reach out to Discover Medicine Committee Chair, Misky Sharif if you are interested in assisting for any of the upcoming sessions.

Learn more through the Discover Medicine website and follow Discover Medicine’s Instagram: @discover_medicine_uva

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