BIMS Program Recognizes Student Awardees at Annual Graduate Biosciences Society Symposium

March 28, 2023 by

Location: McKim Auditorium

Date: 2023-03-17 - 2023-03-17

BIMS Symposium speaker and audienceThe Annual Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS) Symposium was held on Friday, March 17, 2023 in McKim Hall. The day was filled with terrific presentations from the Outstanding Student awardees from the eight Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) PhD programs and our BIMS-affiliated Biomedical Engineering Program. Attendees also enjoyed a fantastic talk by the student-invited keynote speaker, and a high-energy poster session and reception where, in addition to the BIMS community, we hosted 50 potential recruits for the Fall 2023 class. The day culminated with the traditional awards ceremony where the GBS Leadership and Peach and Hungerford award recipients were announced. It was a truly wonderful day! Thanks to all of the members of the GBS who contributed to organizing the symposium, spearheaded by BIMS students Katie Pavelec and Lindsey Power.

Congratulations to the recipients of all of the awards and recognitions!

Outstanding Student Awardees

  • Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics: Heejin Cheon
  • Biomedical Engineering: Mukti Chowkwale
  • Biophysics Leti Beltran
  • Cell Biology: Abby Wolpe
  • MCBD/Experimental Pathology: Weifeng Ma
  • Microbiology: Michael Kovacs
  • Neuroscience: Hannah Ennerfelt
  • Pharmacology: Claire Ruddiman
  • Physiology: Yitao Huang

Jill E. Hungerford Prize in Biomedical Sciences

  • Leti Beltran

Michael J. Peach Outstanding Graduate Student Award

  • Hannah Ennerfelt

GBS Leadership Awardee

  • Victoria (Tor) Breza

Poster Awards

  • 1st place (tie): Michael Chi and Lillian Dillard
  • 3rd place: Mike Lemke

To learn more about BIMS awards and past awardees, please visit the BIMS website.

Enjoy these photos taken by Tom Daly.

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