Fourth-Year Medical Students Named 45th Annual Bowman Scholars

October 25, 2022 by

2022 Bowman Scholars - all five winners

Gene McGarhen, Anthony DeNovio, Emily Larkin, Ashley Bolte, Maggie Selesky, Rohan Karanth, and Meg Keeley (lt-rt)

The 45th Annual Bowman Dinner was held October 15, 2022 to honor the 2022 Bowman Scholars, Ashley Bolte, Anthony DeNovio, Rohan Karanth, Emily Larkin and Maggie Selesky. These five, fourth-year medical students were selected in recognition of their clinical excellence during the clerkship portion of the curriculum. They also exemplify the qualities of integrity and uncompromising strength of character, enthusiasm for acquisition of skills to provide the best possible patient care and compassion for the ill.

The C. Richard Bowman Fund was established in the memory of Dick Bowman, MD, a 1974 graduate of UVA School of Medicine. Dr. Bowman was dedicated to the constant pursuit of excellence in clinical medicine and demonstrated a spirit and ideals which impressed his fellow students, physicians, family and friends during his relatively short lifetime. Dr. Bowman had planned to start a fellowship in infectious diseases at UVA, but tragically died in May 1977 as a result of a sailing accident. The University Trustees of the Bowman Fund are Meg Keeley, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Education and Professor of Pediatrics and Gene McGahren, MD, Professor of Surgery.

The 45th Annual Bowman Lecture was delivered October 21st by Ronald B. Turner,  MD, a professor emeritus of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the Department of Medicine Grand Rounds. In honor of Dr. Bowman, the lecture is on an infectious disease topic and Dr. Turner’s presentation was entitled, “The dog that didn’t bark: What have we learned from asymptomatic viral respiratory infections?” The Bowman Scholars were recognized at the lecture and Maggie Selesky was presented with the 2022 Bowman Scholarship.

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