Innovation in Education Week Highlights Educational Research and Innovations

February 28, 2024 by

Michael Ryan, Meg Keeley, Neeral Shah and Evan Heald Innovation in Education 2024

(left to right) Michael Ryan, MD; Meg Keeley, MD; Neeral Shah, MD, and Evan Heald, MD at Innovation in Education Week 2024.

The newly launched Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) kicked off Innovation in Education Week on February 26, 2024. Building upon the foundation provided by the prior Excellence in Education Week, this event maintains the tradition of highlighting education scholarship led by faculty, residents, students, and staff at the School of Medicine, while also offering new opportunities to innovate, collaborate, and recognize our peers.

For this year’s inaugural event, the CEE introduced the theme Artificial Intelligence in Medical Education and invited nationally renowned speakers to provide keynote presentations surrounding the topic. Awards were also provided to top presentations in several categories.

This week exemplifies the amazing work and accomplishments of faculty, trainee, and staff within our School of Medicine. I am continually impressed by the degree of innovation and camaraderie of those who are passionate about medical education at the University of Virginia. – Michael S. Ryan, MD, MEHP, Director of the Center for Excellence in Education.

This year, 17 abstracts featuring 65 authors were selected by a team of reviewers for the weeklong poster session outside the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library. Three of the most highly rated abstracts were chosen for oral presentations at lunch meetings on Wednesday. Presenters included medical students, staff, and faculty. On Wednesday evening, the poster authors were invited to a reception where they discussed and celebrated their research with peers and colleagues. At the reception, awards were also presented to the Top Trainee Poster, Top Faculty Poster, Best Overall Abstract, and the Innovation in Education Award for an innovative idea using AI in medical education. A full list of winners is included below.

Senior Associate Dean for Education Meg G. Keeley, MD, along with Michael Ryan, MD, and Neeral Shah, MD, provided remarks at the reception. During her speech, Dr. Keeley recommitted fervent support for the newly formed CEE and looks forward to its future endeavors.

Other special events during the week featured two guest speakers. At the highly anticipated Dean’s Forum on AI, Philip Bourne, PhD, Dean of the UVA School of Data Science, presented on the future of AI in medical education. In his talk titled “Medical Education Seen Through the Lens of Data Science and AI,” Dr. Bourne invited a conversation by showing some thought-provoking statistics around leaning into the future of AI versus resisting it.

The Innovation in Education Keynote on Tuesday was presented by Verity Schaye, MD, MHPE, Associate Professor of Medicine at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Assistant Dean of Education in the Clinical Sciences. Dr. Schaye discussed embracing AI as an inevitable reality, like the advent of the electronic health record, and medical educators’ role to train learners to use is safely and appropriately in her talk “From the Classroom to the Clinical Learning Environment: How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Medical Education.”

The Center for Excellence in Education would like to congratulate the following faculty and trainees on their awards:

  • Best Overall Abstract: “Describing the Trajectory of Differential Diagnosis Skill Development Among Medical Students,” by Brian Brian Peterson, MD, James Martindale, PhD; Milad Memari, MD, MS, MSEd; Megan Bray, MD; Meg Keeley, MD; Michael S. Ryan, MD, MEHP; Andrew Parsons, MD, MPH
  • Top Faculty Poster: “Characteristics and Performance Impact of ADHD in Struggling Graduate Medical Learners,” by Karen M Warburton, MD, Stephanie D Bajo, PsyD, James R Martindale, PhD, MEd, Andrew S Parsons, MD, MPH, Michael Ryan, MD, MEHP
  • Top Trainee Poster: “Evaluation of Virtual Reality Approaches to Teaching the Pulmonary Exam: a Randomized Control Study,” by Aly Dwight, BS; Colleen Mullins, BS; Jai Nazwadi, MD; Tien Comlekoglu, MD; Thomas Hartka, MD, MSDS
  • Innovation in Education Award Winner: “Machine Learning to improve feedback between teacher and learner in clinical settings to improve medical education” Michael Hadeed, MD

The CEE would like to extend sincere gratitude to all the members of the Academy for Excellence in Education who served as abstract reviewers, poster reviewers, and judges for the Innovation in Education Award. In particular, the CEE would like to thank Nora Kern, MD, and Kathryn Mutter, MD, for moderating the oral presentations and award ceremonies.

Posters may still be viewed outside the Health Sciences Library through Friday, March 1. Read more about the 2024 Innovation in Education Week activities.

Photos from the event by Josh Crane.

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