2023 Wagner Fellowships Awarded to 13 BIMS Students

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Wagner Fellows 2023

Thanks to the tremendous generosity of Dr. Robert Wagner and his wife Mary, the Wagner Fellowship fund was able to award fellowships to 13 Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BIMS) students this year. Dr. Wagner served as professor and chair of Microbiology from 1967 to 1994 and contributed in so many ways to the School of Medicine, UVA, and the scientific community at large. These fellowships are a lasting tribute to his dedication to student training, his encouragement of young scientists, and his love of UVA.

Please join us in congratulating the 2023 Wagner Fellows!

Rising Third-Year Students

  • Claire Connaroe, Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease/Experimental Pathology (mentor: Tim Bullock)
  • Elzbieta Dulko, Neuroscience (mentor: Mark Beenhakker)
  • Katie Kraichely, Biophysics/Physiology (mentor: Lukas Tamm)
  • Daniel Lank, Pharmacology (mentor: Thurl Harris)
  • Magdalena Magaj, Cell Biology (mentor: Stephanie Redemann)
  • Katherine Nimchuk, Neuroscience (mentor: Jung-Bum Shin)
  • Caroline Riedstra, Microbiology (mentor: Drew Dudley)
  • Hongpan Zhang, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics (mentor: Chongzhi Zang)

Rising Fourth/Fifth-Year Students

  • Lata Chaunsali, Neuroscience (mentor: Harry Sontheimer)
  • Synphane Gibbs, Pharmacology (mentor: Ukpong Eyo)
  • Madison Mehlferber, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics (mentor: Gloria Sheynkman)
  • Harish Narasimhan, Microbiology (mentor: Jie Sun)
  • Colleen Roosa, Biomedical Engineering (mentor: Don Griffin)

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