Pharmacology Department Journal Club Recognizes Influential African American Scientists

March 28, 2023 by

Black History Month is a time to honor the achievements, rich culture, and history of African Americans and recognizes the  significant achievements and contributions of Black people to society. In alignment with recognizing their contributions, the Pharmacology Department dedicated Black History Month 2023 to teaching and engaging its students, faculty, and staff with the scientific discoveries of several African American scientists who have made an outstanding and lasting impact in scientific research.

In February, Pharmacology hosted an event dedicating Journal Club presentations to teaching students about the research and individual accomplishments of Black researchers. Faculty members were paired with students to mentor them on papers that were presented to the department each week. Each faculty member gave a brief presentation about one or more African American scientists whose careers and research had influenced their own work. Then the students had the opportunity to present papers on the research published by scientists introduced by their faculty mentor. The following Black scientists were presented:

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