School of Medicine Winter Weather Advisories

January 4, 2024 by

Rotunda at the University of VirginiaChanges to UVA’s academic operations caused by an emergent event or inclement weather are reported online through the Emergency Management website, which includes the UVA Operations Status Board. UVA Health also maintains a status board here.

This article provides valuable information about how UVA makes inclement weather decisions, and how to stay informed. It includes instructions on determining whether you’re a designated or a non-designated employee by viewing your profile in Workday.

When there is an imminent threat from a hazard, students, faculty, staff and UVA Health team members with a valid account automatically receive an email alert. Text alerts are sent to students, faculty, and staff who have registered their mobile phone numbers with the University during orientation or onboarding. (You may opt-out of texts at your UVA Alerts Account at or by texting “STOP” to any UVA Alerts text.)

Students, faculty, and staff are able to register additional email addresses and mobile phone numbers in their UVA Alerts account. Because UVA Alerts requires a UVA computing ID, only students and employees have a UVA Alerts account.




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