Navigating Conflict Through the UVA Ombuds Office

November 8, 2023 by

Amanda Monaco

Amanda Monaco, University Ombuds

In the vibrant landscape of the University of Virginia, where diverse individuals come together to learn, research, and innovate, conflict is an inevitable part of the equation. Whether it is a disagreement between students, faculty or staff, conflicts can disrupt the harmonious environment that UVA strives to foster. When you find yourself trying to navigate these challenging moments, the University Ombuds Office can be a valuable conflict management resource to help empower you to overcome these potential barriers.

Established in 1998, the University Ombuds Office serves an independent, informal, impartial, and confidential resource for current faculty, staff and students seeking guidance, information, insight and potential options for managing their issues and concerns. To help navigate the complexities of university life, the University Ombuds Office provides a wide range of integrated conflict management services including individual one-hour ombuds consultations, facilitated dialogue, mediation, conflict management coaching and emotional intelligence coaching.

“The UVA community can be a complex, tangled web to navigate, especially when feeling distressed in the face of conflict,” says University Ombuds, Amanda Monaco. “The University Ombuds Office is a middle-ground option for visitors to have a confidential, safe-haven space to share any issue or concern they may have with a trusted resource and without facing any fear of judgment or embarrassment with what they need to say. My job is to help visitors feel more comfortable and empowered to take that next needed step in resolving their own concern. I extend a kind and empathetic approach where a visitor can whole-heartedly expect they will be met with dignity, respect, and grace as well as walk away feeling that their voice was genuinely heard.”

Conflicts are bound to arise, but they need not disrupt your educational experience or workplace relationships. Whether you are a student, faculty member or staff, the University Ombuds Office is available to help guide you in taking proactive steps towards resolving conflicts, improving communication, and fostering a more compassionate UVA community. Learn more about this valuable resource and book your own appointment online by visiting

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