McKim Hall Elevators Being Upgraded

February 8, 2023 by

McKim Hall exterior near Hospital DriveThe McKim Hall elevators are being modernized and will be each be out of service for approximately 5-6 weeks. Please see details below about planned operational impacts.

Elevator 1 (located at Main Entrance, across from West Complex loading dock, running from Ground to 3rd Floor):

  • This elevator will be out of service February 20-March 24.
  • Elevator 2 which runs from the Ground to 4th floor may be used to access all floors during this outage.
    • Note that there is a ramp on the Ground Floor that allows accessible access to Elevator 2 and on the first floor there is a lift (adjacent to stairs).

Elevator 2 (located in the Addition Wing, running from Ground to 4th floor):

  • This elevator is planned to be out of service after Elevator 1 is running again (estimated outage March 20-April 21).
  • Elevator 1 may be used to access all floors, except the 4th floor, for the duration of the Elevator 2 outage. The 4th floor will only be accessible via stairs during this outage.



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