Department of Neuroscience Takes Center Stage at Popular Local Science Festival

May 29, 2024 by

Child inspecting brain at Kid*Vention, a beloved local science festival.Volunteers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine’s Neuroscience Graduate Program and the Department of Neuroscience took center stage at Kid*Vention, a beloved local science festival. Their Brain Awareness Outreach program offered an engaging hands-on exploration of the brain’s control over the body.

At the Brain Awareness table, young participants embarked on a fascinating journey into neuroscience. They eagerly compared the brains of different animals and explored a detailed 3D model of the human brain, unlocking its secrets layer by layer. Additionally, they got to experience the wonders of neurotechnology firsthand as they manipulated a mechanical claw using electrical signals detected from their own brain activity.

Kid*Vention, an annual highlight organized by the Virginia Discovery Center, captivated families and children aged 2-10 with its blend of education and entertainment. Held this year on April 27, beneath the Ting Pavilion on the bustling Charlottesville Downtown Mall, the event was a testament to the power of scientific discovery to ignite curiosity and wonder in young minds.

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