Do YOU Know your Mallempati Score?

February 9, 2015 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Mallempati Score.  Image from

Mallempati Score. Image from

Next time you look in the mirror, take a look at the back of your throat. That’s what UVA anesthesiologists and proceduralists are doing. In addition to using the American Society for Anesthesiologists (ASA) guidelines for airway assessment, patients who are undergoing any procedure requiring any sedation will now be assessed using the Mallempati tool. The score is determined by visualization of the uvula and the soft palate and the inclusion is based on the recognition that although not part of the planned procedure, unexpected events can occur, prompting a need for urgent intubation.

The Joint Commission Visit – LIP Related Items

For LIPS, a few items are the focus for the Health System in the next few weeks. These include:

1.    Pre-procedural airway assessment – we have been using the Mallampati scoring system for patients who undergo deep sedation. We will now assess all patients about to undergo a procedure using this scoring system.

2.    “Per Protocol” orders – we will now hyperlink references to clinical protocols.

3.    Concurrency in the ORs – standard phrases exist, but to ensure that the correct one is used, we are reviewing and revising the smart texts associated with attestation for surgical case.

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