William Petri, MD, PhD, Gives Expert Advice on ‘Revolutionary’ New COVID-19 and RSV Vaccines and the Updated Flu Vaccine

September 27, 2023 by

William Petri

William Petri, MD, PhD, is an infectious diseases expert in the Department of Medicine’s Infectious Diseases Division.

William Petri, MD, PhD, sat down with UVA Today to discuss the “revolutionary” new vaccines to protect against the evolving COVID-19 virus and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV. In the Q&A, Dr. Petri discusses who should get what vaccine and when. For the COVID-19 and flu vaccine, it is recommended for everyone 6 months and older. The RSV vaccine is recommended for ages 60 years and older and children 8 months and younger.

Read the full interview with Dr. Petri to learn more about protecting yourself and your loved ones against this triple threat of viruses this fall.




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