One Team United on Access — Did You Know? Providers Have Flexibility With Clinic Hours

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Flexibility is important to allow faculty to deal with professional and personal obligations that might occasionally conflict with clinic hours. This is why United on Access sets the expectation that physicians will meet the four-hour clinic session adherence standard 85% of the time.

If there is an emergency, personal need, or an academic obligation that occasionally presents itself during clinic, the 85% expectation allows the flexibility to fulfill these obligations but still meet the United on Access standards. It is requested that physicians provide advance notice, at least for elective absences, so clinic staff can notify patients that an appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Based on feedback from faculty, changes have been made to the metrics as well. The Four-Hour Session Adherence metric is still in place. Physicians still need to create four-hour sessions in their templates. Another metric has been added – Scheduled Slot Adherence – that complements the Four-Hour Session Adherence metric and offers greater flexibility in how to utilize the four-hour sessions.

The intent of this new metric is to allow physicians to pursue the other academic missions (teaching, research, etc.). It is not intended to allow physicians to start clinic late or to end clinic early on a recurring basis.

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