One Team United on Access — Did You Know? Providers Can Partner With Access to Solve Complex and Multidisciplinary Patient Scheduling

March 27, 2024 by

Did You Know ? GraphicThe access team stands ready to partner with specialties and sub-specialties to accommodate the scheduling of complex and multidisciplinary patients. These solutions are applied at the specialty or sub-specialty level (vs. individual provider level) in accordance with the standard that visit durations are consistent and divisible across like providers.

For any situation that needs consideration outside of the template standards, there is a process to request an exemption. These exemption requests are discussed and decided upon by physicians, including 3 faculty. The online exemption application can be found here.

Visual markers and/or modifiers may be added to Epic to help facilitate allocating the extra time needed beyond the standard 15- or 20-minute slot.

Leveraging various template tools, the access team can:

  • Create extended and complex initial visit types to ensure providers have adequate time with these patients (e.g., Stem Cell Transplant and Plastic Surgery). These initial visit durations will be set at the needed timeframes.
  • Design scheduling panels so that multidisciplinary visits are efficiently and accurately scheduled together.
  • Explore a variety of other solutions to meet your specialty/sub-specialty’s needs.

To discuss complex and/or multidisciplinary patient scheduling solutions, contact Claire O’Donnell, manager, capacity management, UVA Health Access.

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