One Team United on Access — Did You Know? Data Supports the Implementation of United on Access Initiatives

June 11, 2024 by

Did You Know ? GraphicMany, if not most, academic health systems have done this work before us. The data shows that by implementing United on Access, at a minimum, we will increase patient access, improve the patient experience, increase staff satisfaction, and reduce staff turnover. UVA Health has disseminated the data that supports “why” United on Access is being rolled out.

The following is a sampling of outcomes at other academic health systems:

  • New patient access
    • University of Wisconsin increased new patient volume by 15%.
  • Patient experience related to access
    • Northwestern improved from the 25th to the 75th percentile.
  • Call abandonment rate
    • University of Washington reduced from 21% to 6%.
  • No shows and late cancellations
    • UNC reduced by 2.1% in one year.
  • Staff turnover
    • University of Wisconsin reduced access staff turnover by 8%.
  • Reduced visit types
    • University of North Carolina reduced visit types by 5X.

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