One Team United On Access — Did You Know? Continuity of Patient Care is a Priority

May 14, 2024 by

Did You Know ? GraphicContinuity of patient care – meaning a patient can always be seen by their primary care physician (PCP) – is a priority shared by physicians and UVA Health leadership alike. Unfortunately, continuity of patient care is not always possible, especially for acute needs (respiratory virus, UTI, etc.) when patients need same or next day care.

When this happens, the following pathway has been established to help patients receive care within UVA Health when their PCP is not available. This work has been performed by the United on Access team with support by the three primary care department chairs. Patients are seen in order of escalation by:

  1. The patient’s own PCP
  2. Another provider in the PCP’s clinic
  3.  Same-Day Care, Urgent Care, or Virtual Care
  4.  Another UVA Health PCP in the same specialty
  5.  Another PCP within the UVA Health network
  6. Having the patient receive care within the UVA Health network of providers ensures access to the patient’s medical record. Unless medically necessary, keeping the patient from going to the emergency department (ED) is also an organization goal to ensure the ED has better access for the most seriously injured or sick patients.

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