Mark Roeser, MD, and Hannah Mannem, MD, Performed COVID-Induced, Double Lung Transplant

August 23, 2023 by

Drs. Roeser and Mannem

Drs. Roeser (left) and Mannem

R. J. Redstrom is a triathlete who received a double-lung transplant after COVID complications irrevocably damaged his lungs. He says it was a series of “miracles” that led him to UVA School of Medicine’s Mark Roeser, MD, a transplant surgeon, and pulmonologist Hannah Mannem, MD, who performed the double-lung transplant he needed to survive.

Redstrom is grateful to UVA Health, the doctors, and care team who helped guide him through the difficult time when he was battling COVID and recovering from surgery. He is looking forward to his next triathlon in September.

Read the inspiring story in UVA Today.



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