School of Medicine Clinical Compensation Plan Update

May 7, 2024 by

doctor with stethoscope Inova Campus

Last year, the UVA School of Medicine embarked on a journey to redesign and evolve our Clinical Compensation Plan (Plan) so that it is fair, transparent and equitable. Phase 1 of the four-phase redesign process is now complete and served the purpose of developing an overarching Clinical Compensation Plan with a standard philosophy, guiding principles, and framework.

It is important to understand that while there are overarching guidelines that govern the Plan, each department will develop department-specific metrics for clinical faculty to address their needs. The department work is already underway in Phase 2 and is being shaped by the faculty and leadership within each department. The goal is to complete all four phases of the redesign to achieve implementation in FY26.

There are 5 principles that guide the Plan. The Plan will:

  1. Be fair, transparent, simple, and explainable
  2. Require and recognize professionalism, collaboration, service, and citizenship
  3. Align, incentivize, and reward productivity, quality, and excellence across all missions
  4. Provide total compensation that will allow UVA to recruit and retain the best clinical faculty, aligned with nationally recognized compensation and productivity benchmarks
  5. Follow all applicable laws and regulations

This communication is the first in a series of weekly communications to be published in Medicine in Motion.  Each week, there will be a “Question of the Week” to delve into different aspects of the Plan and occasionally address frequently asked questions.

If you have specific questions about the Clinical Compensation Plan redesign, please contact your Department Chair or Department Compensation Plan Committee members. You may also send an email inquiry to:  Further, an internal website is being developed that will host information on the Clinical Compensation Plan. More details to follow.

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