Clinical Compensation Plan — Question of the Week: Will My Total Cash Compensation Be Capped by the Structure?

July 3, 2024 by

Clinical Compensation Plan Graphic - Question of the WeekQuestion: Will my total cash compensation be capped by the structure?

Answer:Total cash compensation targets will be set using the department’s standard structure for all new hires. For existing faculty, conformance with this standard will be achieved over time at the department level.  However, actual earned incentives will vary by providers within a department based on individual productivity and according to the department-defined incentive metrics. There is no cap on the earning of clinical productivity incentives, provided that compensation is based on national benchmarks and market pay and remains consistent with fair market value.

If you have specific questions about the Clinical Compensation Plan redesign, please contact your department chair or Department Compensation Plan Committee members. You may also send an email inquiry to:  Further, an internal website is being developed that will host information on the Clinical Compensation Plan. More details to follow.

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