Clinical Compensation Plan — Question of the Week: Who Will Develop the Clinical Compensation Plan for My Department?

May 14, 2024 by

Clinical Compensation Plan Graphic - Question of the WeekQuestion: Who will be responsible for developing the clinical compensation plan for my department?

Answer: Each department has formed a clinical compensation committee consisting of department leadership, administration, and faculty who will meet frequently over the next few months to recommend a customized departmental clinical compensation plan aligned with the SOM framework. The draft plans developed by the committees during this Phase 2 work will be submitted by department chairs to the SOM and legal for review and modeling. The results of the modeling may require feedback and refinement to individual departmental plans. Ultimately, each department chair will present a department clinical compensation plan aligned with the SOM framework to be reviewed and approved by the SOM Clinical Compensation Committee and legal.

If you have specific questions about the Clinical Compensation Plan redesign, please contact your department chair or Department Compensation Plan Committee members. You may also send an email inquiry to:  Further, an internal website is being developed that will host information on the Clinical Compensation Plan. More details to follow.

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